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While TV shows and movies about fashion are entertaining to watch, they also hold lots of memorable quotes and moments that make us go “Aaaaaaah, that’s just like me!”

Three TV shows stand out to us, and each have influenced or appealed in a way that only a fashionista would understand. And while we’re sure there are plenty more out there, these ones below are on our must-watch list.

Sex & the City

The 90s show Sex & the City (while mainly about dating), was also about Carrie’s love for shoes. Especially her Manolo Blahnik’s which infamously got stolen from her on a New York side street. In fact, Carrie was so tiny that without her towering heels, she lost a bit of her swagger.

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Primrose Market Blog-Fashion Quotes-Carrie  Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes-Carrie 2

Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes-Carrie 3

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl (XOXO) had a bit more of a teenage upper west side spin. But the fashion worn by all the It girls was legendary. We mean Blaire and those headbands, and Serena and her chic French-style looks? Yes please. They made fashion into works of art. 

Primrose Market Blog- gossip girl-1Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes-Gossip Girl 2  

The Carrie Diaries

The newer series The Carrie Diaries gave us a little insight into the teenage pre-NYC Sex & the City Carrie, and her early love for all things fashion. The stand-out moment? When she took her mom’s old handbag and created a masterpiece with paint and nail polish. We so want that bag! Oh and we’ll also take Sebastian Kydd…

Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes-Carrie Diaries 1  Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes- Carries Diaries 2

Primrose Market Blog- Fashion Quotes-Carrie Diaries-2

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