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Primrose Market- Five Quick Genius Shoe Storing Tips!



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Five Quick Genius Shoe Storing Tips! 

We all know that feeling - you’ve just bought a pair (or two) of new shoes and your shoe closet is FULL! The horror, now you need to either remove an older pair, or leave your new shoes in their box where you can’t see their beauty every time you open the closet door. So what is the solution? Well, we searched around and found a few ingenious ideas to make sure that a full shoe closet is a thing of the past!

TIP #1

Use existing wall mouldings to create a pretty shoe display! Why this may not work for chunky boots, it’s definitely a great way to display your hot, hot heels. Think metallics, vibrant colours, pops of red…is it art?!

Primrose Market- Shoe Storage Tip-1

TIP #2

Shoe racks aren’t necessarily the prettiest things, so how about covering yours with a lovely curtain or gauzy fabric. Add a little ribbon tie in satin or velvet to finish the look off!

Primrose Market- Shoe Storage Tip-2

TIP #3

Go down the shoebox route but do it properly! Beautiful boxes with Polaroid’s of your shoes attached make both a pretty display and an easy way to save space and find exactly the pair you’re looking for.

Primrose Market- Shoe Storage Tip-3

TIP #4

Store your flat shoes in a simple basket underneath your dressing table (or even bed if it fits). Stack them in rows for a good use of space.

Primrose Market- Shoe Storage Tip-4

TIP #5

Hang boots on a clothing rail using hangers with clips. Space saving and you could even hang matching outfits next to each pair!

Primrose Market- Shoe Storage Tip-5

These are just five quick storage ideas we found, if you have any creative ideas of your own, we would love to hear them!  So, with all of these cool options it must mean that we can buy more than one or two pairs at a time….right? Yeah we thought so. Don't forget you can shop more shoes right here >>>

**photos via pinterest


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